Vought 4FU Corsair

The Corsair impresses with its special appearance. It has been my toughest project with a 2-parts form so far. The typical break of the wing made a lot of problems.
But all problems have been solved. This model has the most carbon fibers of all other planes laminated in the wing.

With a 4 cc motor the Corsair handles very good. It is stable in flight so one has got time to look for one’s opponents. With minimum push the Corsair is also very neutral in inverse flight.
1040 mm

830 mm

Empty weight *
600 g

Weight (with RC+Engine)**
1400 g

Engine 4 ccm

Wing surface
2150 cm²

Surface load
65g/dm² * average weight. May vary by +- 5 %.

Balsa ** This is the weight of my fighters. It may still be lowered by
    using lighter RC-equipment.