Focke Wulf 190

The Focke Wulf is the first GRP-model developed by myself. It is equipped with a motor of 2.5 cc. The model comes along very fast and agile and one from MVVS the plane is just a blur.

The Focke is offered with two different wings. One comes with a modified RG15 airfoil according to ACES rules and one with a NACA 2415 profile. The longitudinal dihedral for both airfoils is marked on the fuselage.
Due to the construction technique the elevator has been made with elastic-flaps, too.

If you shorten the adaptor of the muffler for a normal 2.5 cc motor the whole motor disappears under the cowling.
Wingspan 906 mm

Length 695mm

Empty weight * 350 g

Weight (with RC+Engine)** 860 g

Engine 2,5 ccm

Wing surface 1327 cm²

Surface load 64g/dm² * average weight. May vary by +- 5 %.

Elevator GFK ** This is the weight of my fighters. It may still be lowered by
    using lighter RC-equipment.