Spitfire MK 6-7 high altitude fighter

The idea behind this plane was to construct it as light and powerful as possible. Due to its wingspan a normal Spitfire may only be equipped with a 2.5 cc motor according to the rules of aircombat. With the extension of the wingspan to 1010 mm this model may be flown with a motor with 3.5 cc.

This Spitfire can also be rebuilt in other versions. The geometry of the wing is identical in all versions, only the wingtips are different. Therefore the surface load is very low.

The Spitfire has an airfoil developed by Pe Reivers. With this airfoil the model has the special ability to fly tight curves without loosing speed.

It is a very slim airplane. The motors will fit tightly in the housing when turned by 180°.
Wingspan 1010 mm

Length 754 mm

Empty weight * 490 g

Weight (with RC+Engine)** 1168 g

Engine 3,5 ccm

Wing surface 1950 cm²

Surface load 56g/dm² * average weight. May vary by +- 5 %.

Elevator GFK ** This is the weight of my fighters. It may still be lowered by
    using lighter RC-equipment.