Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

The P47 Thunderbolt is a very bulky airplane. The brawny fuselage offers a lot of space for your RC equipment. Despite its mass I managed to to construct this model quite light. With just 1300 gram and a motor with 4 cc it is very speedy. As with the Corsair the motor vanishes under the cowling. The P-47 is very agile and has a good angle of glide.
Wingspan 1011 mm

Length 905 mm

Empty weight * 580 g

Weight (with RC+Engine)** 1300 g

Engine 4 ccm

Wing surface 1990 cm²

Surface load 65g/dm² * average weight. May vary by +- 5 %.

Elevator GFK ** This is the weight of my fighters. It may still be lowered by
    using lighter RC-equipment.