When you build a model plane the highest commandment is to make it light, light, light.
Therefore all my models are completely made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

They are built from laminated glass-fibre with a 2-parts form. The forms are bonded while being wet. The used materials have been tested thoroughly over a long time to ensure an optimum of weight and stability. Exceedingly stressed regions are reinforced by carbon fibres.

The frame consists of Balsa wood and the adapter of the wings is strengthened by plywood.
The laminated forms dry in an oven at 50°C. This offers additional stiffness and stability.

All parts are then varnished with 2K car paint. Besides the decision for a certain colour it is also possible to choose different colours for topside and underside of the wing, as well as for the elevator.
All models are full-scale, e.g. riveted joints or openings in the wing or fuselage.
The ailerons are built as elastic flaps. To do this the underside must be cut in and the topside has to be carved slightly. Then the left and right side of the flap may be cut free and bended upwards. This technique of linkage is very sturdy and eliminates unnecessary turbulence on the wing.

The canopy is made of shrinkable tubing. I am still searching for the possibility to deep-draw it. For stability reasons the canopies on my competition fighters are simply painted.
The decals, like insignias, numbers and drawings are made of self-adhesive foil.
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