Aircombat (englischer Text)

Air combat is a fascinating and exciting model-flight-discipline with origin in Scandinavia. Remote controlled flight models are used in the standard 1:12.
The models we use are based on the models of World War II.

The discipline is world-wide organized by the ACES (Air Combat Elementary Support). ACES is an organization of Air combat pilots for flight models in the standard 1:12. The membership is free and it comes with the first time participation of the competition in effect. The idea of the ACES is to fly by the same rules throughout Europe and to function as host and organizers of competitions. The communication of the national associations and their members takes place exclusively via Internet.

In each round of the competition seven pilots fly with their machines in a dogfight against each other. All airplanes are equipped with a 12 m long crepe paper streamer. The aim of the competition is, to take away the streamer from the other opponents plane and preferably to keep your own. The cut usually takes place above the propeller or above the wing. The flight time amounts to seven minutes per round. You get points for each cut (cut-off ribbons), your flight time and for the condition of your own streamers. The details can be found under

Air combat is a fascinating and exciting aviation-type sport for the pilots as well as for the spectators.

The air combat models shouldn't be too cost intensive as you need to come very close to the opponents plane to take it's streamer and collision can occur .
There fore most models are made of balsawood/plywood or styrofoam. These constructions are time consuming and some days can pass from the first cut to the last paint job. The lifetime of a model can be rather short. If one flies competitions, a substitute machine should be on standby.

For this reason, I have .put some thoughts into a fast and inexpensive art of building these models.

I would like to introduce my projects in air combat field on this homepage sides.
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